Reverse Delegation


Shane, I need you to pull all the files from our biggest accounts and put together a spreadsheet showing the revenue, cost, and profit. Then put a list together of comparable accounts in the city we don’t have and a game plan to acquire them. Let me know if you need me or have any questions.”

A few minutes later Shane comes back and says,


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The Jerk Whisperer – How to Keep Adults Acting Like Adults

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6 thoughts on “Reverse Delegation

  1. Vikki Brown says:

    Many managers fall into this at one time or another. I believe that it is Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager that gives a great visual. He describes the scene as an employee and manager meeting and the employee has a monkey on his shoulder. The minute the task becomes the manager’s responsibility, the monkey jumps from the employee to the manager’s shoulder leaving the employee free to sit back and relax. I have always loved that picture.

  2. I’m guilty of this!!! I’d like to state that frequently the instructions given to me are vague, but oh my goodness. I’m so guilty!! I must work on this!
    On a different note, my boss told me today how nice I’ve been lately.
    The reality is, I’ve been working on new strategies to deal with him, including your questions of “what big things do you have going on?” And “any little things you want to get wrapped up?” All from one of your posts! Thank you!

  3. Rajiv says:

    Interesting” I had never thought of this!

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