Social Comparison Theory


Ever decide you have a couple extra minutes to cruise the internet and open up a social media site? The next thing you know you’ve spent 45 minutes looking at other people status updates. Well don’t feel bad. It’s in our nature. We are social creatures. We want and like to know what other people are doing. When we know what they are doing, we can compare where we are in life.  Sometimes it makes us feel well accomplished and ahead of our peers and sometimes not so much.

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5 thoughts on “Social Comparison Theory

  1. After the gym class one girl who was in there with me start a discussion about complaining in the social networks. She said that she is tired of all these posts that her Facebook friends are posting like “I am so tired, I want a vacation”, ” Awful weather”, “Monday again, back to the hell”.

    I was amazed because in my friends’ list the situation was vice versa. Everybody was constantly on a vacation, prove driving new McLaren or buying Lambo, getting promotion or consolidate new company….

    So how the comparison can be applied here?

  2. Not really sure but at first glance it seems you two associate with different people. One is a group of negative people (no offense intended). The other is a group of positive people.

    You are the average of the people you associate with. Just be careful not to fall in the trap of keeping up with the Jones’s.

    I don’t know if this helps or not.

    I personally unfollow negative people and those who seem to be bragging about what they have. I fill my newsfeed with people who have a positive outlook and meaningful purpose.

  3. Rajiv says:

    Interesting stuff!

  4. totally true! I’m very competitive, so listing me in a ranking, man, I have to be the very best or the very worst – nothing in the middle works for me! 😀

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