The Power of Detachment


I see consultants all the time that go into failing businesses and are asked by the owner for help. They are in bad shape. They’ve pretty much run the business into the ground. They keep making poor decision after poor decision and can’t figure out why they are going out of business.

The consultant takes a quick look at the operations and can immediately see the problem or problems. Whether it’s that they have bad systems in place, poor customer service, a bad staff, or lackluster leadership it’s obvious to them. The problem is shining bright for all to see (excluding the owner).  It’s always one of the following: people, product, plan, or process.


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5 thoughts on “The Power of Detachment

  1. John Smith says:

    Reblogged this on THE STRATEGIC LEARNER and commented:
    Value lies in perspective … or you could just say “It’s easier to see the swamp needs draining when the alligators are biting someone else’s ass” …

  2. There is a great truth in this, and I appreciate you putting it out there.

    What occurs to me is that it is a broader thought than just consulting to business owners. This is about any of our performances in the world, whether business or personal. We are attached to our life, our methods, our past. As a result we have blind spots. It is often valuable for us to attempt to detach from our patterns with support from someone with no personal investment in our success. Someone such as a coach.

    In so doing we might find ways of removing these blind spots and thus creating new patterns for ourselves that allow us to reach the next level in our contribution and personal mastery.

  3. Thanks Ian. Blind spots is a good way to look at it. Great analogy. Have a tremendous day.

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