The Key to Wealth and Happiness at Work


It’s really simple! BE A TEAM PLAYER!

Let me try to lay this out with an example. I grew up playing and watching baseball. The people who were the highest paid and got the most playing time were the team players. They were the ones who made everyone one else look good and play even better. It was an intangible that was hard to see until it was absent.

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4 thoughts on “The Key to Wealth and Happiness at Work

  1. Excellent example of being a team player! It makes a difference when you go the extra effort – stretch a little to catch the ball as it wobbles to you!

  2. […] The Key to Wealth and Happiness at Work by How Leaders Manage […]

  3. Val Boyko says:

    Love this example of moving from a “me” mentality to “we”. The essence of a true leader 🙂
    p.s. Diana sent me

  4. […] Cranston Holden writes, “Let PEACE guide your decisions.” He reminds about the importance of having peace of mind, and to pay attention to when you don’t have it and what that might mean. Cranston also used a baseball metaphor to explain the importance of being a team player as a leader. […]

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