Let PEACE Guide Your Decisions


How often do people make the wrong decisions in life and end up being miserable? They take the wrong job, marry the wrong person, get in financial trouble, trust the wrong people get betrayed,  or have a house get foreclosed on all because they didn’t follow their intuition?

I’m not suggesting you not take risk. There is no reward without risk. If you think there is a price to pay for taking a risk, just wait until they hand you the bill for not trying.  What I am saying is to listen to that little voice that says, “Something’s not quite right.”  Peace of mind is key in making decisions.

Let peace be your guide in:

  • Your job – a few months into it you may be miserable even though you have a new fancy title
  • Who to date/marry – the divorce rate currently is over 55%
  • Where  to live- don’t end of hating going home because at the time the offer seemed great with a promise of a future opportunity. Some people end up being house poor. They have a beautiful home but can’t afford to go out and buy a cheeseburger.
  • Who to befriend – ever get stabbed in the back by someone close to you or have your heart broken because they didn’t defend you?
  • Who to defriend– you aren’t obligated to associate with anyone you don’t want to
  • Who to hire– don’t get in a hurry to hire. The only thing worse than being understaffed is hiring the wrong person.
  • What to buy– it’s foolish to experience hardship because you can’t tell the 5 year old inside you no


You can always spot someone who has made a bad decision because they are usually very defensive about it and try to justify why it’s okay but never have peace about it. When peace is on your side you don’t care what other people thing or if they agree with your choice.

“Well I’ve made some mistakes and I can’t get back on track.”  Like throwing a pebble into a flowing river, each decision will cause ripples but time will correct each decision and the river will correct itself.


There’s been a plan laid out for you. You just have to listen to peace so you can follow it.

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7 thoughts on “Let PEACE Guide Your Decisions

  1. Excellent post with really sound advice. The biggest lesson I learned (recently) in my life is to understand what that “little voice” (and coupled with a fleeting strange feeling in your stomach) that is called intuition. Now that I know what it is, I will forever trust and factor it in into important decision making!

  2. Cranston:
    I like what you have highlighted (bullet points) for the reader. Change is not easy but if necessary…that inner instinct is usually right. Following our convictions will prove profitable in all areas of our life, if they line up with God’s word. When we stand on God’s truth – we are assured we are not alone, He is there in the midst of our prayers. Our confidence then lies in Him to answer and guide our direction. Thank you again, Cranston. Blessings ~Zoey

  3. Well said as always Zoey

  4. Rajiv Chopra says:

    Well said. I have a similar hard decision these days… I will need peace for it. I took one decision a few months ago. Not in peace, but in many ways, the right decision. In other ways, not

  5. […] Holden writes, “Let PEACE guide your decisions.” He reminds about the importance of having peace of mind, and to pay attention to when you […]

  6. You are right, too many times decisions are rushed because the opportunity might pass. Well, if it does, another will come. Or at least you’ve learned a little bit about yourself so you will do better next time. Take a deep breath and wisely move forward.

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