The Three Types of Incentives


When you think of how people internally operate, you might think that it’s a vast and complex system of variables and obscure inherited traits that each person has genetically encoded. You might be inclined to think that each person is motivated by something different. You may even think that YOU are motivated by something different.

Well believe it or not; all incentives can be grouped into only three categories:

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4 thoughts on “The Three Types of Incentives

  1. When you’re offering an incentive to a general population, this is certainly going to be what happens. Why? Because people are attracted to the novelty of it, and novelty wears off quickly. We’re a very distracted culture.

    When you’re dealing with individuals, though, you have the opportunity to do something that they CARE about. So it’s not about the novelty, it’s about touching a deep resonance within that person. So you need to find out for each person: What is it that they’ve cared about for many years? What are their deeper values? What touches them deeply?

    For things which touch you at this level, you can care for many years, even your entire lifetime.


  2. Rajiv says:

    So very true…

  3. moeleftwich says:

    Your ability to give incentives not only increases productivity, it also increases you credibility as a leader. “Reward Power” is just what a leader needs to provide that extra boost to morale in any organization. There is nothing wrong with competition within the team every now and then. Feel free to view my leadership blog:

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