Questions Drive Behavior

How Leaders Manage


When many people think of management they think of a person sitting behind a big oak desk shouting orders and demanding perfection.  Other people think of management as a person with the sole responsibility of standing behind you with a whip striking you in the back of the legs while ordering you to pull the cart faster and faster.

This is why the word management has become such a negative term and people gravitate more to the word leadership. A leader is one who grabs the reins of the cart first and begins to pull while simultaneously influencing others to do the same. Leadership is all well and good if you have that amount of time to work with a small group. Most of the time, you can’t pull that off. Your time is valuable and to be effective you have to be in more than one place and a…

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One thought on “Questions Drive Behavior

  1. Rajiv says:

    They do drive behaviour

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