Too Much Socializing at Work?



I’ve been asked many times if I think socializing at work is a good idea. So I thought it would be easier to give you my opinion in this format, so others will have the opportunity to evaluated it and even weigh in.

Imagine this; you are the leader of an organization who is responsible for managing a staff of employees who work directly under you. You come back from running a few errands and everyone is talking to each other and not at their assigned desks. They aren’t really working. Instead they are simply socializing. You overhear some of the conversations and they aren’t even work related.  Some are talking about their weekend plans, some about a casserole recipe that their great aunt gave them, and some about how the government is killing the work ethic of or nation.

As the boss in this situation, how do you react?


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2 thoughts on “Too Much Socializing at Work?

  1. My co-workers know that all that matters is meeting the deadline, and that I want them to have have the freedom to work as they need to – as long as they meet the deadlines! The owner is probably the worse at the always socializing – and I do have to keep him on task, tell him I’m glad he’s having fun, but don’t forget we have those two deadlines he needs to focus on! 🙂 But, yes, you have to take the total person approach, and as much as we’d love to believe that employees can leave their personal life behind when they walk through the office doors, it’s seldom the case, and a lot will be more productive if you remember that and allow them the time to socialize! Great post!

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