How you handle an IRATE customer on the phone


“Ummm …. Hey, this lady on the phone wants to talk to a manager and she doesn’t sound happy!”

This simple phrase can send chills up the spine of any leader. You have an upset customer and you are about to catch an ear full for something you or someone of your team messed up.

No matter how skilled your people are and how well you equip them to handle the situation, sometimes being the boss has a price to pay and that price is dealing with irate customers. Even if your organization is in the top 1% of elite companies, you will still have to field these calls at times.









The Jerk Whisperer – How to Keep Adults Acting Like Adults

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3 thoughts on “How you handle an IRATE customer on the phone

  1. I love that you point out it is good to own the mistakes, too many people want to deflect and not admit to an error, when the reality is, sometimes that is all the other person needs to hear!

  2. Right on point. You could not have said this better. Most organisations just start defending themselves and make the customers angrier than they were before calling. For me, when I call an organisation to complain about their services I expect them to offer rewards and not just apologize.

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