Don’t get sucked into someone else’s crisis


Don’t get sucked into someone else’s crisis. People will mention to you what they are going through just hoping you will get involved. That way if it works out and you solve it, boom crisis averted, and you have just became the “problem fixer”.  Every crappy dilemma they have they will bring it to the fixer, like you have the time or energy.



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7 thoughts on “Don’t get sucked into someone else’s crisis

  1. rebornjumpman says:

    At first I didn’t agree with where you were going, but as soon as you brought up the leading questions to help them figure it out on their own I was all in! Sometimes (and not always) what those under your authority need is perspective and guidence to come to a rational and beneficial conclusion, whatever that conclusion might be.

    • You’re right. Life can be stressful enough dealing with your own mess. Adding someone else’s can be ludicrous in some situations. I’m a firm believer that if you handle it for them you are robbing them of the opportunity to develop into a better person. Teach him how to fish as the master says.
      Good insights. Have a tremendous day.

  2. I’ve totally been working on this – stepping back and letting those in my life (professional and personal) walk their own path. Instead of walking it for them or trying to solve their crisis for them, I like your questions and the guidance they provide for the other person to solve their own issues.

  3. Leaders Broadcast says:

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