Review People’s Work


I had a friend a few years ago who told me how they were required to send their manager a detailed report which included their activities, results, expenses, and new plan of action. It was a very tedious and extensive report to say the least and it was required every Tuesday morning.

By Wednesday afternoon the manager would ask my friend questions that were clearly answered in the report that was sent in the previous day. It was clear their manager didn’t review the reports. They only checked to make sure it was turned in.

People feel devalued if an assignment isn’t inspected, especially if they’ve put extra effort to do a really good job. I personally have this happen when I tell people their company vehicle is going to be inspected on a particular day. When that day arrives and they are prepared to have their vehicle inspected, it’s almost like I told them their dog passed away if I delay the inspection until the next day. And that’s totally understandable. They worked hard to make sure it’s shined and detailed to perfection. When I put off reviewing their work I’m telling them that the work they put in isn’t important to me and that’s not right.

Honor people by reviewing their work and reward them for a job well done.

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3 thoughts on “Review People’s Work

  1. That’s a good point – I find it extremely frustrating when someone asks me questions that can be answered in paperwork that I’ve sent! I’ll need to make sure that I follow through from now on!

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