A bull in a china shop


Most people in the current workplace, home, church, and social setting are uncomfortable with confrontation. In fact the reason so many people come from what is known as a dysfunctional family is because people would rather live with a problem than confront it. They are scarred to death that they may hurt someone’s feelings and that would by default make them a mean and nasty person for bringing it up in the first place.





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8 thoughts on “A bull in a china shop

  1. ashokbhatia says:

    In between the two extremes, there are several other shades of leadership styles. A good observation you make is that the weenie ones build up better followers over the long run.

  2. Leaders Broadcast says:

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  3. It’s such a fine line some days!! I hate confrontation, and there are times that I know I’ve been the bull in the china shop, but it has to be done. Ugh. I would like to think that I handle it well and appropriately each and every time, but that’s totally not true, so I’m thankful for posts like this that always come at just the right moment to impart the message I need to hear!

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