When a leader loses authority

set table

A family is sitting down around the rarely used dining room table for a holiday meal.  Everyone is in their semi-finest attire.  The table is set beautifully including a huge turkey with all the “fixings”.  Dad has the remote to the television beside him in the big chair at the head of the table so no one can turn on and watch TV during diner. This is family time.





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14 thoughts on “When a leader loses authority

  1. ashokbhatia says:

    A leadership role means a great deal of self discipline and a lot of sacrifice on part of the leader himself. Respect earned once can never be taken for granted!

  2. I am finding that the biggest challenge to such a reset is my unrealistic expectation of myself and what I can accomplish in the time allotted. Learning what to say no to is really hard.

  3. Leaders Broadcast says:

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  4. You are so good at putting into words these lessons! I’ve had to take control back and it’s not easy, but you are right, there are times we just have to have a come to Jesus meeting! 🙂

    • Thank you mam. It’s funny when you have these “CTJ” meetings if you act sure of yourself everyone else will respect that. But if you are just a little unsure… they will pounce.

      Have a good thanksgiving.

  5. […] Cranston Holden shared a reflection about “When a leader loses Authority.” […]

  6. moeleftwich says:

    Excellent! We all need to remember to check ourselves.

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