How to Deal with Arrogant People


Ever been to a stuffy party on the good side of town and you can almost cut the pretentiousness with a knife because it’s so thick? One person is trying to one up the other.  No one is really listening to the other ramble on and on; they are just waiting for a break in the conversation so they can do their part of pompous bragging.

A party is bad enough but you can leave the party. What if you have to work with these people? You better learn how to diffuse these people’s attitudes and put them in check or they will poison the entire organization fast.

A good leader wants self-confident people but not arrogant and you must know the difference between the two.  Self-confidence is required for any kind of success in any part of life.  Self-confident people will just roll their eyes at arrogant people.

Here’s how to identify arrogant people and their personality traits (if you didn’t already know):

  • an arrogant person is self confidence that has become destructive
  • self-image is overvalued and often untrue
  • try to overcompensate for low internal image
  • attempts to put on a show for others but it’s really an attempt to fool themselves
  • very insecure
  • very defensive and easily offended
  • likes to toot their own horn
  • doesn’t listen
  • comes across as a know-it-all
  • likes the sound of their own voice
  • takes on challenges they can’t complete then bails
  • doesn’t weigh risks
  • demean others and talks down to them
  • people hate them but rarely say anything
  • regularly talk about nonsense trying to make people believe that they are important
  • use $10 words for $2 concepts

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14 thoughts on “How to Deal with Arrogant People

  1. kstrick7 says:

    Love this post! Reminds me of a Dilbert comic strip,”ooo, Queen of England, what’s it like to be so fancy?”That one has always gotten laughs & my point across.

  2. Great post! Hey, about your comments of eye rolling. I had a co-worker come to me complaining about another person rolling their eyes at him. And I told him to basically get over it, because that other person was an eye roller and always would be. Still, he thought she was being rude. Eye rolling doesn’t bother me, but I guess it bothers others. Your version of eye rolling seems perfectly fine towards arrogant people.

    • If you’re going to eye roll, you have to do it rarely and very sarcastically to make a point. Don’t do it so often it becomes part of your personality (like a teenager).

      • Ha, agree! I just don’t let it bother me. I attended an HR-related webinar once and asked the speaker his thoughts on eye-rolling. He likened it to a dysfunctional office in which eye rolling is a sign of disrespect. (I still stand by my telling that guy to just get over it – that she’s an eye roller and always will be.)

  3. …I’m liking the “Yacht” line!! Because we ALL know the measure of a successful person is not the size of the paycheck -it’s the size of their toys…

  4. I’m so using the yacht line!!! Great post… when Mr. T and his cousins were younger and playing the one-up game, and I had to remind them to support and up lift, not try and be better than.
    Then of course, I have to remind myself of that, too!

  5. […] Cranston Holden reflected on “How to Deal with Arrogant People.” […]

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