Three Light Houses


Three Light Houses

After a long and hard voyage the captain looks across the darkness and sees what every seaman wishes to see. In the distance, across the still night ocean he sees a glorious light house. In the clear night the beams of light bounce off the crews face as if the glory of God shined among their filthy faces. The captain’s coming of age son is so ready to be home that if he wasn’t so exhausted, would be tempted to jump overboard and swim to shore.

“Dad…ur…I mean Captain, we are finally home. Why are we not pulling into the harbor?”

“The time isn’t right yet boy. You see that light house? They call it ‘The Light of Foundation’.  It represents the support you need from your family. Anytime you make any kind of decision you must have those closest to you be on board with you. If they are opposed the choice is destined to fail.  You must also have the finances to support your choice. It’s not wise to go into debt to accomplish anything of merit. The foolish will scoff and make fun your decision to play it safe. They will say follow your dreams no matter the cost or where the money comes from, but having a good foundation to stand on is better than standing of the prodding of the foolish. “

“Look Captain, there’s another light house. Should we turn in there?” the boy asks eagerly.

“Aw yes, The Light of Skills’.  An intriguing light this is. It represents the skill you must discover, practice, and master, before you commit to a life decision. In order to be successful in any endeavor, you must master the skills needed to do so.”

“Captain there’s’ a final light approaching. Shall we pass it also?” the boy asks with a disheartened spirit.

“This is a special light house. They call it ‘The Light of Desire’.  This lighthouse represents your desire to do what you set out to do. Some people follow other people advice and do something just for the sake of doing it because they are good at it. Some are talked into something by loved ones when their heart isn’t in it. Some call it passion. Some call it interest. I call it failure if your heart isn’t in it.”

The boy turns around not wanting to hear any more ambiguous lecture and sinks down to the floor of the deck and buries his face in his hands.  “Are we ever going to turn into the harbor, Father or are we just going to sail past everything?”

“Stand up and watch this son. This is when the magic happens.” The ship makes a sharp right turn past a buoy.  “You see young man, many people make the turn into the harbor too early. They see one of the light houses and head for shore. The problem is there is a shallow reef that surrounds the harbor.  If you turn in too early, you will sink your ship. You have to wait until things line up just right. Look at the three lights from here. As we turned the three lights began to become one. They are lined up perfect with our vision and now is the time to turn in.  The same happens with life. You must line up the lights of foundation, skill, and desire. When you do an overwhelming sense of peace will overtake you and it will be a good decision and time to move.  Moving before the lights line up leads to disaster.”

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5 thoughts on “Three Light Houses

  1. Rajiv says:

    Excellent piece… Lovely parable

  2. ekurie says:

    Brilliant. Never heard this one before.

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