The most valuable trait in the job market

Conceptualization!  Being able to see the big picture and how each element including yourself fits into it, making everything flow together.   I tend to think of conceptualization simply as wisdom and I define that as how far you can see into the future and the consequences of choices in the present. 

When I was young the furthest I could see into the future was the weekend. As I’ve aged, the thought of what I will leave behind sits behind my thoughts and choices throughout the day.

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5 thoughts on “The most valuable trait in the job market

  1. I like the idea of vision boards to help me see the future I want to make sure the choices I make today support that vision – and that helps me with my conceptualization!

  2. realationaleric says:

    This frame of thinking also forces people beyond the trend we call ‘life hacks’ which only seek to get us past the moment.

  3. wordhabit says:

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    This trait will keep you in a job and keep you doing well at that job! It’s definitely a trait that develops with age but also, and perhaps more so, with a willingness to go deeper and be better.

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