A Mile Wide and an Inch Deep

energySome people are pulled in so many directions, they practically become useless. They work all day but really don’t get anything done. They seem to not get any traction and just spin their wheels in the mud.  Too many irons in the fire as we say down south.

We feel like we have to say YES to everything. “We can handle it” we whisper to our inner child who is desperate to prove himself.  But saying yes to everything is the same thing as saying no to what really matters. Everything is not essential. You must distinguish the vital few from the trivial many.  Only a few things really matter.

This is what’s called the Art of Essentialism!

The Art of Essentialism allows us to live by design rather than default. It is the relentless pursuit of LESS BUT BETTER. Everything changes when we begin to be more selective in what we choose to do, and we can choose to do things that really make a difference rather than something small and trivial.

You don’t even have to ask yourself “What do I have to give up?” Just ask “What can I really go huge on?”

How can you discern what is trivial and what is essential? 

Simple. No more “Maybe” no more “Yes”.  When facing a decision, it’s either “Heck yeah!” or “No”.   In other words, if it’s not a clear “yes” then it’s a  “no”.

The strongest of leaders have a limited supply of energy. Focus it in a single beam rather than a wide wand. hose_spraying

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6 thoughts on “A Mile Wide and an Inch Deep

  1. ashokbhatia says:

    Many of us end up saying a ‘yes’ because we do not wish to offend. Eventually, we end up getting on our plate mare than what we can chew.

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