Creating a Hero


This is a technique that is used at times to inspire the members of an organization.  Here’s how it’s done:

  • Find someone who is winning and successful at what they do
  • Put them on a pedestal
  • Let it be known to the other members of the organization that this person is doing all the small things that lead to success and going the extra mile
  • Remind the rest of the staff that if they do all the right things and go the extra mile, they too can be just as successful as the known hero


  • Inspires people to work smarter and harder
  • Reminds people that if another man can I can
  • Overall production increases
  • Reiterates the point of the plan and that the training works if you follow it


  • Misses the mark on people who have been around the block a few times or have grown cynical
  • Discourages people who improve daily but can’t produce anything comparable through exterior influences or a natural lack of talent
  • Creates distrust and distance if the people find out that those things that made that person a hero have been exaggerated. WARNING: People love to see a hero fall. Make sure you are always accurate and honest about the hero’s success and how he got there.
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5 thoughts on “Creating a Hero

  1. This reminded me of an office I worked in, in which staff that got annual promotions were announced/recognized. It must have bothered some of the other employees who didn’t get annual promotions, because at some point (a few years of this, I think it was), the office manager decided to no longer publicly (within the office) announce who got what promotion. I remember overhearing remarks like “how come that person gets a promotion every year?” and “how come the staff in that department always get promoted when no one in our department gets promoted?” I think the negativity wasn’t always directed toward the office manager or the employee who was recognized, but also at the dept. manager who always managed to push promotions through.

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