Your inner circle

unnamed (7)Your spouse is the strongest member of your inner circle. In the best situations the spouse is the only member of the core of the circle. Want your core the strongest it can be? Want them to support your dream and not fight you all along the way? Want them to never “nag”  nor play the “devil’s advocate” role? Want unconditional support for whatever cockamamie idea you come up with?

It’s pretty simple. Don’t sacrifice them for your dream! 

Working on your dream or goal has to be on YOUR time not family time. If not what you are really telling them is, “So you can see how important this dream is to me, I’m cancelling our date night and letting you take over watching the kids so I can dedicate more of my time to it.”   Just let me know how that works out for ya. You don’t gain any support if you sacrifice your family for your dream/goal.

Get up an hour before the rest of the family does. Take a second or a third job to raise capital for your dream instead of draining the family bank account.  If you want to sacrifice something, let it be a vice… the extra 4 hours of TV a day.


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7 thoughts on “Your inner circle

  1. Tammy Loftis says:

    This is Absolutely Amazing! Thanks for Sharing!

  2. im_ryoko says:

    Reblogged this on Concentrated Power and Will and commented:
    This is inspirational . 🙂 Must Read.

  3. Very true! That’s why I like to review my priorities and where I’m spending my time each year, make sure I’m not sacrificing! Great reminder!

  4. laboxh says:

    Powerful Subject. Many of us when we start out we feel we are doing what is needed to “support” the family by earning income. When the opposite is the truth and we end up building a wall up around us and wonder why no one is supportive of us. The truth is it should never be about the money. It needs to be deeper than that!!!

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