Vulnerability Based Trust


People with high levels or character have worked through the process of letting go of their need to be invulnerable.  Being vulnerable requires a high level of maturity and trust.  Being vulnerable means trusting in the strengths you do have enough to overcome your weaknesses and inefficiencies that you admit.  It means trusting the people enough that they won’t be used against you and even if they are, you have the ability to overcome it.

Most people play POLITICS. Politics are when people choose their words and actions based on how they want others to react rather than based on what they really think. You can always feel when politics are being played because you walk away thinking “Yuck, that person is so fake”.

The unwillingness to be vulnerable about weaknesses and mistakes create an absence of trust among the team.

Vulnerability based trust stands in contrast of the normal meaning of trust that says you may “trust” that someone will come through with their assignment because they have a history of doing so but they may be “untrustworthy” when it comes to “unintentionally” bringing up your shortcomings at an inopportune time in order to throw you under the bus.

Vulnerability based trust in difficult because people are naturally competitive and protective of the ego and reputation.

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6 thoughts on “Vulnerability Based Trust

  1. ekurie says:

    And those who are true to themselves receive the funniest reactions from the politics players! There is no destroying the truth.

  2. I try and lead by example, and own up to any mistakes I’ve made, to show that I am okay being exposed and vulnerable. And, really, it’s amazing how much more receptive the other person becomes when confronted with someone not playing politics or trying to CYA all of the time!
    Great post – being vulnerable doesn’t come easy!

  3. Reblogged this on bruceehoffman and commented:
    Another great article… worth the read!

  4. ashokbhatia says:

    A fresh perspective!

  5. Eventually, being honest, open and vulnerable paid off. I was in trouble and it was the only way I could be. It was a painful journey as I was misunderstood along the way. Especially by those who did not want to be as open, honest and vulnerable as me. They just wanted to blame me. Fortunately, God gave me the support when I needed it by people who believed in me. Julia

  6. […] Cranston Holden reflected on “Vulnerability Based Trust.” […]

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