Garbage In Garbage Out


Your mind is like a garden. The soil, no matter how rich could not be productive without cultivation.  Neither can our minds. Unless it is fertilized with new ideas it can become an unproductive wasteland, filled with only useless weeds.

You have the choice. You can chose to intelligently cultivate it or allow it to run wild consuming every piece of trash the wild blows through. Either way it will produce, weeds or pure and beneficial plants. Whatever is planted in the mind will later produce a harvest. It’s your choice.


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3 thoughts on “Garbage In Garbage Out

  1. So true! Yesterday I attended a couple of work functions and meetings and my boss asked “did you have fun?” and I had to respond “It was beneficial” Which wasn’t the answer he was looking for, but while it was enjoyable (crawfish boil was involved) what I got out of the day was the interactions and training involved. I felt it fertilized my mind to keep learning and to interact with others and let their thoughts and actions churn the soil!

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