Our Inner Voice

Smart-Quotes-36472-statusmind.comOur inner voice is designed to protect us. It always has it’s eye out for the danger that may be lurking around every corner. It has it’s eye out to keep us from any kind of harm, embarrassment, pain, or set back.

The negative thing is that no one has an inner voice that is positive. No one’s internal voice say’s:

  • you’re in really good shape
  • you’re good looking
  • you’re smart enough to do this
  • people like dealing with you
  • you’re the best

That’s why those things have to be audible. You must say these things out loud to drown out the inner voice whose well intent is to protect you but actual left unchecked becomes your worst enemy. Everyone knows this but decides it’s too corny or lame to do so they stew in their own negativity (letting their inner voice protect them).

So my challenge to you is to do it for them. Tell someone how talented they are. Tell someone you believe in them. Tell someone they look good. Tell someone you like spending time with them. Go ahead. Lower the volume of their inner voice.

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8 thoughts on “Our Inner Voice

  1. Brilliant idea! I think one of the best things others can hear is how appreciated they are, and it’s a good idea to add in how talented they are, etc., to lift up others is a great way to spend our time! Love this post!

  2. ashokbhatia says:

    Thought provoking. Allow me to differ with you on this one, though. There are indeed times when you have an inner conviction that what you are doing is just right!

  3. guestpeaker says:

    Reblogged this on From guestwriters and commented:
    First of all we do have to trust our deeper inner voice which was not made up by the outer voices we heard when growing up.
    Made in the image of God we should go deep in ourselves to hear the inner voice the Supreme Being has implanted in us. Listening to that voice we shall come to see how free we become. this shall give us life and shall make us to conquer the pains of the world.

  4. guestpeaker says:

    It is wrong to think no one has an inner voice that is positive ~~~problem is that most people get carried away by voices that influenced them when growing up and thereby came thinking negatively

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