Your Job Choice

Only the spiritually and emotionally immature person picks a business to go into simply because they thing they can make a lot of money. Even on the bad days the vocation should feel like a vacation.

In my experience, each person who leaves to take a job only because they were told they will make more money haven’t weighed the options in full and they end up leaving that job also within a short amount of time.

They are only chasing happiness instead of creating it.


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4 thoughts on “Your Job Choice

  1. I took a pay cut when I took my current job, but, it was a work at home job that would allow me to be home with Mr. T at a time that he needed my presence. And yes, I told myself that not paying as much for gas, clothes and makeup would balance the pay cut – but that I would be putting to use all of the tools I had gathered in my toolbox, I would be able to use my skills, and, yes, it is something I love, and it gives me the freedom I need to be the most awesome single mom and be there for my kiddo! I can’t chance money anymore because I’ve learned where my priorities really are!

  2. You are so spot on. Instead of trying to find a certain job and try to make everything fit around it it should be the opposite. Design the life you want, then find a job that fits around it instead.

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