How to Develop Rhino Hide


Rhino’s have one of the toughest hides on earth today. The hide protects them from the outside elements and attacks from enemies.

We too can develop this rhino type hide. We can be protected from criticism, disappointment, pain, rejection, and ego. We do that through enthusiasm. Enthusiasm gives us energy and forces negativity to roll off our back like water off a duck.

Enthusiasm is kind of like a smile. If you force a smile eventually your brain will trick itself into being happy. Enthusiasm works the same way. You fake it until you make it.

Pain however is always felt but it doesn’t wound you. The best method to handle pain is to say aloud, “Ouch…. Next”.  Acknowledging it and moving on the best way to build up your hide without harboring deep unresolved pain. Rhino hide makes pain hurt less and we do that through enthusiasm.


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3 thoughts on “How to Develop Rhino Hide

  1. aimeecartier says:

    Love, “if you force a smile eventually your brain will trick itself into…” so true!

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