Get rid of your accusatory tone!!

Accusatory tone – indicating or suggesting that one believes a person has done something wrong

  • Mrs. Jones called and you still haven’t called her
  • This is the second time this has been turned in to you
  • We are doing our part
  • Can you make a little time in your busy schedule to take care of this?
  • He won’t answer the phone
  • That department always screws it up for everyone
  • I looked and you still haven’t done it.

This nasty undertone causes so much strife and tension in the work place. Work is hard enough without someone insinuating you aren’t doing your part. These accusations cause you to go on the defense defending yourself on everything until you get fed up and go on the offensive which causes a turf war.

rushs-foot-in-mouth-problemBe better than that. Lose the accusatory tone. Don’t jump to the conclusion that someone has done something wrong. Your subconscious will leak that undertone into your words. Simply follow the evidence on it’s face value and ask questions. You may even keep your big fat foot from going in your big fat mouth.


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5 thoughts on “Get rid of your accusatory tone!!

  1. Love it! I’ve been working very hard on tone and not making passive/aggressive statements.

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  3. […] to produce followers. An accusatory tone has been described as an undertone that is based on ( the belief that someone has done something wrong. An example of saying the same thing with two […]

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