Majority rule

Every now and again the majority rule gets it right. I do want to emphasize the phrase “every now and again”. That’s because for the most part the majority is stupid. The vast opinion or popular vote is rarely right. Individuals are smart, groups of people (aka mobs) are dumb.  The majority vote released Barabbas and sentenced Jesus to death. It’s the job of the leader is to take all the information and discern between right and wrong, even when it’s not popular.



5 thoughts on “Majority rule

  1. Yes indeed and this is when leaders become unpopular no matter what they decide. It goes with the territory and is a burden which must be accepted is any success is to be had.

  2. Rajiv says:

    Yes, but they are influenced by a team of insiders

  3. The bible states that there will be times when mans law will conflict with God’s law, but we don’t have to condone it just because of the majority rule. As always, I just pray for us as we go and vote for our city, county, state and national leaders. That He will guide us and our vote.

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