Pray don’t Pout


As a young man pulls in his long driveway from a long day at the office his grandfather notices his SUV pulling in from the old rusted tractor he is using to bushhog the apple orchard. The old man throws his arm it the air to wave at his grandson enthusiastically. The young man sees the greeting from the well know man in faded overalls. He says to himself, “I’m starting to get the feeling that moving my family in next door to my grandparents wasn’t such a good idea. He always comes at the worst possible time.” Acknowledging his grandfather he looks over his shoulder and raises a finger and a half no higher than the top of his head.

A few minutes later while sitting on his leather recliner he hears the old tractor stop in the middle of his new driveway and slowly shut off. A few moments later he hears a light tapping on the door.

After a deep breathe, “Come in.”

The old man steps in and takes off the old trucker hat he probably got at the feed store and holds it at his waist.  “Everything okay with you son?”

“That obvious huh?”

“Work got you down?” the old timer replied

” ……… Work, the people at work, the people at home, you name it.  It seems like every time I turn around someone is taking a shot at me. I think I’ve earned more respect than that. I have a good mind to go in the office tomorrow and let them know what I really think of them. Oh and then not to mention my in-laws. I have a good mind to skip the holidays all together.”  ranted the obviously frustrated young man.

The old man just stared at his grandson until the invisible tension was so much that he looked up and made eye contact, “That don’t sound like a good mind to me. Listen son. I’m gonna tell you what your grandmother taught me an if I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it a hundred times.  Pray don’t pout.  I’ve seen a lot of good Christians hold grudges against coworkers, fellow church members, and relatives and it ruins em. Let me tell you, when you become mature enough in your own head to pray instead of pout, that’s when you have a good mind. You see your emotions follow your thoughts not your circumstances.”  The old man turned around, put on his hat and walked out.


4 thoughts on “Pray don’t Pout

  1. Love that PawPaw!! We can weigh it all by that one comment…”that don’t sound like a good mind to me.” Sometimes, we just need to let it go- knowing that our success is not measured by man but in God.

  2. A lesson nicely shared Cranston, well done!

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