It’ll Run Without Gas…… But Not Oil

How Leaders Manage


An old ATV rumbles to a stop in front of the house on a Sunday afternoon.  An older man swings his leg over the machine and hops off the seat and heads toward the house with the zest of a person in his early thirties and walks up to the front door.  He gives a slight polite knock and he turns the knob and announces his arrival by saying “knock knock.”

“Hey Dad.”

“Hey,” the old man says matter-of-factly. “Is my granddaughter here?”

“Well yeah”, the son laughs. “Where else would she be?”

About that time a bright eyed dark haired beauty scampers down the hallway. “PAWPAW!!!” she screams as she runs toward him with one sock already off and the other flopping from the end of her tiny three year old foot.  She runs as him full speed and locks her arms around the neck of her now kneeling…

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