Bad Egg Survival Tactics


bad egg

When employee’s jobs are in danger many go into survival mode. No one likes when this happens and it’s an awful feeling but in the grown up world it happens.

Some begin looking for a back up plan and others try to survive.

The two type of survivors are :

The ones who buckle down and work harder. They are the ones who can really make a difference and hang on because they provide a real value to the market place.  These are the ones that are appreciated by their bosses and co-workers. These are the good ones.

The other type of survivor is the one who really doesn’t offer any value. They know if they depend on the quality of their work, their days are numbered and often doomed. So they attempt (and often successfully) to attach a potential problem to their employment ending. These are the ones co-workers and bosses hate. It can stump even experienced leaders and gets everyone at least once.

Some of the things things they pull are:

  • Some type of discrimination
  • Develop a health problem or get sick
  • Report they are being bullied by someone (sometimes even the manager) creating a hostel work environment
  • Develop a disability
  • Have an exaggerated injury
  • Struggle with spiritual issues
  • Develop family problems
  • Report a type of harassment

All of the above are ways to try to gain sympathy and handcuff the leader because if they fire them now, it will shine a bad light on themselves.   For the trickster, just doing the job the right way is never an option because that isn’t in the cards for the bad egg team member. They can’t stand on merit alone.

If they get lose their job anyway, their is always backlash. The bad egg never leaves peacefully.  They do anything from filing a suit to writing a dirty letter to the head of the company trying to paint themselves as a victim and the leader as a tyrant.

The leader has to use common sense and CYR (cover your rear). Document everything and involve the key players in the organization (your boss and human resources). Try to remain stoic and stick to the facts, not your feelings about the facts or your opinion about the person. Those feelings when expressed just make you seem immature and unprofessional.

I’m curious what’s the survival tactic you’ve witnessed?




4 thoughts on “Bad Egg Survival Tactics

  1. I don’t have any survival tactics that I’ve noticed to share; however, as I was reading this, I was reminded of a previous employee, we are a very small company, and at every single bump in the road it was Chicken Little “am I losing my job?” “am I being let go?” “do I get to stay?”. Fortunately, she found a direct sales business that is perfect for her, so she left us and she now gets to stay home and work that business and be there with her kids. 🙂 I’m happy for her, gotta be less stress when you aren’t depending on a company!

  2. One effective, though somewhat difficult, tactic would be to attach yourself to a critical activity or project, however remotely you may be connected with it. Usually, in times of crisis, such groups are exempt en masse.

  3. This is all very fine and dandy, but what if your employee is struggling because they actually do have a disability, perhaps only recently discovered!

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