If I were the devil 2016

If I were the devil 2016

If I were the devil I’d go back a few hundred years and appear to a man as an angel of light and teach him things about the real god. I’d interlace enough lies with the truth to entangle a great multitude of people. The teachings would be imposed on others by any means necessary, including murder and rape, all the while disguising itself as peaceful.

If I were the devil I’d place in the minds of people of influence that not offending others is more important that speaking the truth no matter the subject. Knowing it will get out of hand political correctness will take root.  I’d sit back and watch PC become a Trojan horse for all types of evil. PC will become more important than safety.  When one speaks out against political correctness they will be labeled as small minded and accused of hate speech. The media will also attack because headlines sell and squashing issues with common sense is bad for business.

If I were the devil I’d label the killing of unborn children as a woman’s choice and have the government sponsor the whole thing.

If I were the devil I’d begin teaching evolution in college campuses so an entire generation of people would deny the Father. Any opposition would be dismissed as uneducated derelicts.

If I were the devil I would make divorce so common that eventually people would stop making the union altogether.

If I were the devil I’d plant the seed that it is unfair to have Christianity in government and everything should be neutral to be fair to other religions. I’d find one letter and take it out of context to justify the separation of church and state, all the while, laughing under my breathe as the morals slip away a little at a time.

If I were the devil I’d read to the end of the bible and panic. Knowing my time is short lived with no hope of escape I’d try simply out of spite to take as many people as possible to destruction with me.

If I were the devil I’d be sad knowing I had it all….. and blew it.


2 thoughts on “If I were the devil 2016

  1. ekurie says:

    which is one reason you are not the devil, or anything like him

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